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Welcome to my homepage for friends of woodwork and stylish and lively design.
I see myself as a kind of interface between interior designer and craftsman for the construction of individual creations.
My great motivation is to understand and think through the wishes of my customers in order to get the best out of every project.


What sets me apart from a traditional carpenter is the creative, personalized work. In other words, the original adaptation of the customer's wishes to the circumstances. I see every project as a new challenge and remain open to current, environmentally friendly materials and unusual customer requests. If you value functionality and like my design, WILDWOOD _ Berlin is the right place for you.

Customers: Ableton, Edeka, Escape Rooms, Film (Babelsberg - Cinema, ZDF & Co, music clips), Escape Rooms, offices & advertising agencies in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich...., as well as clubs and bars in Berlin

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