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Tobias Gärtner a designer and carpenter from Berlin

Hey, I'm Tobi, a creative craftsman and designer. I've been working in my element for 7 years now: designing and creating objects, furniture and rooms.

I design and handcraft furniture and objects according to my and your ideas. The harmony between well-thought-out functionality and aesthetic impact is always at the heart of my designs. In this context, the creative search for a tailor-made solution to even the most unusual customer requests represents the soul of my work philosophy.
My working method is characterized on the one hand by a routine and precise planning phase and on the other hand by integrating haptic-intuitive impulses into the production process of the furniture pieces. This results in unique creations that combine the highest level of functionality with an aesthetic-artistic standard into unite.
​The all-pervading element of my projects is, in a way, the responsible and fair production method. I try to waste as little material as possible and, where possible, reuse all the leftovers from a production in smaller projects. The use of resources beyond large-scale industrial production shapes and guides my work and thus unnoticed strengthens the individual
character of my designs.



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